Biography Rachel Davidson

Meet Rachel Davidson.  Rachel comes from a family of 7 where she grew up in Middlesboro, Kentucky.   She moved to Sweet Home Alabama 3 years ago and that’s when she saw a need in the Shelby County area.  Rachel has a huge heart and believes when we give to others, whether it’s an act of kindness, generosity, or compassion, it helps us open our hearts to the world and each other. “We accept that in life there are challenges, and we meet these challenges with humility, patience, and compassion,” says Rachel.  Rachel and her two best friends came up with the idea to build and help supply Food Pantries, Blessing Boxes, and Free Little Libraries in Columbiana, AL.  Since the initiation of the nonprofit organization Rachel has found that 1 in 9 people (795 million) go to bed hungry every night.  Roughly 43 million people are below poverty level and 22% of population of Columbiana, AL fall below poverty level.  Rachel wants to tackle deficits in the community where insufficient funding has been an ongoing issue.  She wants to fill the gap to make sure those who are hungry can find 24/7 access to food, clothing to those who are exposed to the elements, and help find shelter for the homeless. Rachel believes giving also connects us to others, creating stronger communities and helping to build a happier society for everyone.